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Although it measures a mere 13,812 km² and boasts only 627,000 Montenegrin citizens, the little country is all the bigger in superlatives. It has the deepest gorge in Europe - only the Grand Canyon in the USA is deeper - the most southerly fjord and Lake Scutari, the largest lake of the Balkans. It also boasts a beautiful stretch of Adriatic coastline with picturesque bays dotted with little islands. Montenegro is already known as the Pearl of the Adriatic Sea. The country is characterized by rolling hills, majestic mountains, peaceful bays, endless beaches and picturesque coastal cities with historic centers.


Today, many luxury cars travel on the roads, whilst the ports and harbors are home to many large yachts, some of which fall into the mega-yacht category. The country offers the whole bandwidth of tourism from normal family holidays to luxury vacations, from trekking tours and skiing in the mountains to lakeside holiday on Lake Scutari to beach and water-sports holidays on the coast. Golfers will discover a new paradise both in the mountainous interior and along the coast. Some tourism experts have forecast that Montenegro will be the Monaco of tomorrow!


Its infrastructure is undergoing steady and strong development. The existing road network is being expanded and widened. Construction on a new highway will begin in the very near future. There are plans to extend the two airports in Podgorica and Tivat, whereby the airport in Dubrovnik (Croatia) is also close by. Extensive work on water and electricity supply lines is underway.


Montenegro is the only country outside of the EU to have the euro as its currency and has already applied for EU membership. 


75% of the Montenegrin population is Greek Orthodox, 3.5% is Roman Catholic and 15% Muslim, whilst the remainder chooses not to provide details.  

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