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Our 30 years of construction experience in Germany ensure you will benefit from quality German workmanship to a standard unmatched anywhere else in Montenegro!

We work with people and for people – which is why we refuse to compromise on quality.


Our luxury complex "MonteDreams" is located on an unspoiled and exclusive stretch of the Adriatic coastline.

The complex is situated on an idyllic hillside, 80 meters above sea level, surrounded by olive groves and with a direct view of the crystal-blue sea. A seemingly endless beach, a harbor, numerous shops, restaurants, cafés and bars are all easily and quickly reachable by foot (approx. 400 meters’ distance).

It is only 2 km to Budva, 9 km to the famous Sveti Stafan Island, and 69 km to Dubrovnik and its famous old city that was proclaimed a UNESCO World Culture Heritage site in 1979.


Our complex is much more than just a project with 4 walls and a roof - our work brings it to life and fills it with content. We are not merely selling a house or an apartment but rather a way of life and an atmosphere. A place where you will feel comfortable and truly "at home".

People are always at the heart of everything we do, because every house or apartment will one day be inhabited. That is why the desires, demands and needs of future inhabitants are always in the foreground.

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